December 28, 2009

Is it advisable to Love someone !!!

A simple 4-lettered word "LOVE". Can its meaning also be so simple. If yes, then the terrain of this love won't have been so uneven.
Well one can say that if you love someone then what you want in your life is just to see the other one happy at every moment of life and you would be ready to do anything for it. All agree .....

But this sentence only transcends all the limits and even life. First thing you would like to see her happy. So if other one is not happy with you but with any other, then its your responsibility to leave her and help her to get the third person in her life. Will it be easy, but thats what you must do cause silently in your heart you have made the promise for her happiness. So you have to do it. Even if every single step towards it seem to you like a mile of journey. Thats LOVE.

Other part says at any moment of your life. This says the importance of her in your life not only at present but throughout your life. So is said

Ye ishq nahi asan .. bas itna samajh lije
ek aag ka dariya hai .. aur doob ke jaana hai