November 17, 2010


Everyone so quite like silence of a lamb
afraid of inevitable truth of being departed.
They want time to stop, relive the moments of past
undo some things u did
and do where u couldn't.
No plans ahead, no dreams alone
y r we departing
can't we live together for little more
This time fear of placements can't overpower the fear of departing
please give us time to tell what's there (in heart).
May be we don't go together
May be we don't talk much
but there is some important phase of life which belonged to you.
May be I can't explain whats in here for you
but rest assured, will always be there in order to help you.
May be I cant take off your fear
but then we will cry and wipe off ur tear
This is not what I alone am thinking but most of us are
So lets make the rest of the days as memorable as we are
Let our heart pour the feeling we dwell
Let our words enchant the rythm we have

lets rock .....
to all b2k7 batch ...
Can Never Forget You !!!

July 08, 2010

My First Kiss

(see its censored even the image of kiss :P)
so finally I got my first kiss. And people say u can't forget ur first kiss ever.

It was one the dark nights (:P not the knight) of summer. Wind was blowing in a calm way with moon shining bright in the sky. I was asleep and she came, kissed my lips, without even bothering to wake me up( rather u can say i take such a deep sleep). But i could feel the kiss when i woke up. It had the after kiss effect.

Wonder what after kiss effect would be
well as I woke up, I felt some itching on my lips and felt something there. So I took a mirror and saw my face and u might wonder , first time i was scared of it :(. I mean however one is, he/she doesn't fear of his/her own face. But I was :'(. My left side lips were swollen like hell. It looked as if I was some extra-terrestrial wandering over here with some different kind of face cuts (though u can say I do seem one without them too :P). I dunno bt my lips were unable to contact each other. Even though i tried my best to close my lips.. bt seemed much space for passage of air through them. So I came to the conclusion that it was the insect that kissed me there and i was feeling much like a lady who gets pregnant after sex , without her wishes for so :( .

So I discussed with my frens on what to do. They advised me to go to hospital and have a checkup. So I was there at NAZRETH(hospital) for the first time in my college life, for "my" check-up. Well somehow I managed to see the doctor who said to have an injection. Well I really fear of them bt tried my level best to not to show it. So when nurse came she told me to lay down on which I felt horrible and quickly started raising my sleeves saying that i can take here. she said "its ohk , bt still u need to lay down". I felt little relief and laid down pulling my sleeves. She gave me the injection and somehow I managed not to cry out on it. Then she pulled it out. I felt relaxed that finally its over .. but suddenly
She again gave me the injection without even saying ready :'( . You dunno how it feels when u are not ready for an injection and get one. i felt like being cheated. IT HURTS :'( (:P). Well somehow that part also ended.

Well then I thought to have some lunch over there and had heard the name of NETRAM sweets many a times. Well even in our College and in serials too (Pratigya to be specific :P ). They praise netram a lot. To all those I just wanna say one thing "FUCK YOU". I mean wats so special there. support staff was worse than a normal dhaba. But somehow had my lunch there and returned to campus.

But the tragedy didn't end here. When I came to my room , to my surprise I found I had lost my cell somewhere(may be bus). I have already lost a cell 3 months earlier so u know how it feels losing ur contacts again and again :(. I called it but there was no response from the other side. But then i thought to take a chance and called my friend (siddharth, who was sleeping in CC at that time :O) to please check in bus if its there. Well he got it somehow and it was a bit of relief for me.

So thats how my day of first kiss ended and yeah really wat people say is true

January 11, 2010


LOVE, why is it so complicated ? Why can't it always succeed ? Why can't we get love in return of our love ? Why always a barrier of TIME or SITUATION or any Damn Bloody reason confronts in between ? Why can't it be simple that if you love someone , he/she must also love you ? Don't we deserve to be loved in lieu of our love for them ? Then why ..... why this INJUSTICE , why this PAIN, why these EMOTIONS , why this LOVE and why this LIFE ???

Everytime I start with LOVE , this LIFE comes on the way and then I recall my past memories , get drowned by them , be drenched and finally feel like being purified by some invisible force. All the pain and hatred dies off with the feel of LOVE and SATISFACTION left behind. My mind soothes with some sweet and sentimental flowers of my life's garden with smell of my emotions in them and the "SAME LOVE" becomes positive now. It says " YOU ARE ALIVE TO PRESERVE THIS LOVE ONLY" . And then I Enchant my favorite verse (much inspired by SRK's dialogue of Mohabbatein )

" If you love someone , this doesn't mean that she must also love you. I never took a promise from her , that she must also love me as I do, before loving her. Then why now , after knowing her feelings against me :( , I should stop loving her. Rather I had made a promise to myself / my heart that I'll always love her and would do anything to bring a smile on her face. So I must continue the work assigned to me :) .... to keep my promise..... for my promise .... for my happiness .. for her smile ... :) "