December 21, 2009

Her Eyes

I saw something in her eyes
as deep as ocean
waiting in vain for something .....
may be a springy season

It felt as if tides were on
in those dreamy eyes
But were they for me
or for flying in the skies ...

I wanted to know
what was in her mind
was it a dream
or something to remind
was it love
or some hope
or some despair
she had to cope .

I wish..
I could have been with her
to help her, or if not,
atleast to console her

But its my life
and i know it well
It has always helped me
except in my inner shell

I have excelled in my life
for all except my love
but I think that was the only thing
that I wanted most above.

what to say
its the only tragedy of my life
that maximum of it is
Wish .... Might ... and Compromise

But i have compromised with it
to look happy
and wish i might do something
to make her happy :)
...... always ......