July 16, 2011

Life- The Way I See (Collection - II)

sing a song today ...  
laugh whole heartedly ....
remember this is the only time u've got

Opportunities won't come and say
"here I am, come and taste me"
We need to do the job and say
"See I brought the opportunity" ;)

Follow the light of your faith, and you'll get the precious

To succeed just stop doing two things :
1. comparing
2. expecting 

Don't feel bad that good times ended ..
feel good that they happened :)

Extract positives from negatives of your life.
It will reduce the pain and re-energize you for the road ahead (B+)

When you are angry on someone, you just recall his/her faults or what they have done against you.
At that time, just sit and relax,
try to recall what they have done for you
problem solved !!!!

I won't say, "Don't give time to those whom you love",
but spare time for those Who Love You.