March 17, 2011

Final Flicker Of My College Days:

So the mid semester presentation dates were out, and the first thought that came in mind of all of us was : “yes, now I will meet my batch mates!”. Everyone was happy and excited to get a chance to be able to see those familiar faces who had become a part of our life in past few years. We were making plans on what to do at college (though we all know now that plan we make always fails). The feeling was much like the first time we got holiday in our college to go home. We realized, friends were modified to our second family. Adding to the fact, option of going home from college, even didn’t come to mind for many of us.

Then after few days with growing discussion a thought started itching us: “What we will show in our mid semester presentations!!!”. Though many had done some work that they could bank upon (in the presentation), still there was dilemma over what would be allowed to show and what not. Then a fact flashed in our mind: “what we used to show in our earlier mid semesters when we never did anything, and had nothing to show. At that time also we gave presentation so whats the problem now.” So somehow the thought for presentations ended.

Then came the problem of presentations dates. It was split into two days: Sunday (our beloved college follows Monday off rule) and Tuesday. Ah!!! now friends would come on different dates. Since we all were just interning an didn’t know much about leaves and all, most of us had decided be at college just on day of presentation. So with split days, the count was sure to reduce. But its in such situations only when something called “JUGAAD TECHNOLOGY” comes to picture. Since one of the presentation was on weekend day (Sunday), so those who had presentation on 15th made plans accordingly to reach college by 13th to the max (without extra leaves). I was amongst those. Left from Hyderabad on Friday night and reached college by Sunday early morning (and by early I meant really early morning : 4 am).

Just like our college days, there were guys still awake (no they didn’t wake up so early, they hadn’t been to bed yet). Then we had problems of where to stay. Thanks to Amit Chandel, Chandrakant Sharma and Pankaj Sahu (may be you dont know these guys, so for simplicity: chandel, santra, bofar), for providing us their rooms and bedding left over.

So at college I met many fellow batch mates and juniors and they did remember me (thanks to my facebook spams). It was good to see those familiar faces again, though had a feeling too that, may be this is the last time I am seeing them. Lets hope I was wrong. I was there for 3 days and was part of many group discussions (better word “bakar discussions”) around and as usual they were late night discussions. Had few silent discussions and some smiles. Just being around with you guys seems to have made my way back to college. Also played cricket there and was involved in holi with kids of prayaas.
On a final note, I am happy to get such a big family and for sure I am gonna miss my college days