July 16, 2011

Life- The Way I See (Collection - II)

sing a song today ...  
laugh whole heartedly ....
remember this is the only time u've got

Opportunities won't come and say
"here I am, come and taste me"
We need to do the job and say
"See I brought the opportunity" ;)

Follow the light of your faith, and you'll get the precious

To succeed just stop doing two things :
1. comparing
2. expecting 

Don't feel bad that good times ended ..
feel good that they happened :)

Extract positives from negatives of your life.
It will reduce the pain and re-energize you for the road ahead (B+)

When you are angry on someone, you just recall his/her faults or what they have done against you.
At that time, just sit and relax,
try to recall what they have done for you
problem solved !!!!

I won't say, "Don't give time to those whom you love",
but spare time for those Who Love You.

May 01, 2011

Good old days

When we start going high school, we think,
         how good was our childhood, no studies no pressure
When we go to college, we think,
         how good was our school life, so much masti , so much fun, no frustration.
When we leave college, we think,
         how good was our college life , full on gang of friends, world at our feet,
         no work load
When people get older, they think,
         how good was our life of youth, so much energy, so many well wishers,
         so much to do.
Its just the fact that, we think, the time we just passed was better than present but don't realize it, when actually living that(past).
Don't look back at good times and repent for the days gone by,
try to create some, at present, right now.
See you got only one life, not much time to go for replays.
live it, Enjoy it.
Life is always beautiful !!!!!!

April 16, 2011


It all started when a pup was on roof of a building. I dunno how that pup reached there and that too when it was my house’s roof. Well lets concentrate on actual story. The pup was too cute, and was much like a sweet puppy. It (i dunno whether “it” was male or female) was playing and jumping here and there. We were in house (me and my mother) and were able to see the pup playing, and were appreciating the small pup and the way it was playing. We were happy watching the pup play. It was much like a small kid who tries to run after everything and falls in between. Somehow he had got some ball and was rolling it here and there. It all seemed very sweet and soothing.

Suddenly something happened and the pup started falling off the roof !!! May be it slipped off the roof. We could see the pup falling off the roof from our window and could not do anything. In that small duration of time many thoughts crossed our mind. We were feeling very sorry for the pup and were outrageous for the roof (how come it let the pup slip off, how roof turned to be so slippery). We could see the ball hitting the ground and that scene just hit our minds. We were very sorry and were feeling too much pain (as if someone whom we know is going to die). We were feeling so helpless and were hopeless for it. The pup was falling and after each instant of time we were feeling more and more helpless and sorry for the kid(the small pup).

But as is said, “Jako rakhe saaiyaan, Maar sake na koi”. Somehow a vulture came and caught the pup. Though she was wounded herself but still she came to help the poor, little, sweet pup. She caught it and came to our window. We were shocked to see this. for an instant we were totally blank. Suddenly we realized we must let them in, and treat them. So I quickly opened the window and vulture helped pup to enter home and then we called vulture in too. We did some treatment of vulture and in the mean time vulture was caring the pup. It was so touching moment. I mean first, the vulture herself was wounded and still came to help the pup and second, when we were doing treatment of vulture, she was caring the pup. At that instant of time I felt so much respect for that mother (also for my mom). The pup was also feeling the mother care of vulture and was responding with love to vulture. I was able to see the universal nature of mother in front of my eyes. It was all so sweet and mesmerizing. A small happy family of mom and kid.

But then came a b**** , well no I am not slanging. Original mother of pup came. So she was female dog i.e. b****. Well back to story. She came and asked for her child. Here came the twist. The vulture refused to give the pup. She had a bond built with pup and was unwilling to giver her child (thats what she thought). I was frozen, I mean I could see everything just with my naked eyes and I was unable to decide what to do. Both mothers were right in their position and were unwilling to leave the small pup. A fight was about to start between the two.

But then, the third mom present in room came to rescue, my mother. She told vulture mom, to leave the pup because they are not of same race and she could not nurture the pup well. Though it was hard to let the vulture realize this, you know mother’s heart, but my mother is also not someone else (when she start teaching someone, she can’t stop) . Well somehow my mother was able to make her realize that the pup should be given to original mom.

But again a twist. The pup had seen an instance of mother in vulture. It (pup) was unwilling to leave the vulture mom. I was so touched by this that I started feeling dry and soaked from inside. So I went to have a glass of water :P. But when I came the scene of room was changed. The vulture was now holding the pup tightly as if trying to hurt the pup. I couldn’t understand what happened. I went to vulture and asked what is she doing and told to leave the pup. She left the pup and the pup ran to original mom. Then the vulture turned towards me and said: “Thats what I was doing. Had I not tried to show the kid that I am hurting it, it won’t have left me”, and I could see tears in her eyes falling. It was so like in HD that I could see the tear drop clearly and the vulture wiping it off with her wings. Well at that instant of time one more thought came to my mind: “From when vulture started watching movies!”.
I thought to give a “Jaadu ki Jhappi” to vulture but before that she fled away of window. Leaving me in disdain. I couldn’t understand what just happened. It was like something drilling me from inside. I hugged my mother and felt her care.

Later in evening when I was roaming outside, I saw the same female dog playing with that vulture. The vulture was looking very low and female dog was trying hard to make her happy. She was passing the ball to vulture (the same ball with which pup was playing on my roof). It just made me realize that “Love is everywhere”, we just need to open our eyes, and then I opened my eyes.
Well it was a nice Dream !!!!!!!

March 17, 2011

Final Flicker Of My College Days:

So the mid semester presentation dates were out, and the first thought that came in mind of all of us was : “yes, now I will meet my batch mates!”. Everyone was happy and excited to get a chance to be able to see those familiar faces who had become a part of our life in past few years. We were making plans on what to do at college (though we all know now that plan we make always fails). The feeling was much like the first time we got holiday in our college to go home. We realized, friends were modified to our second family. Adding to the fact, option of going home from college, even didn’t come to mind for many of us.

Then after few days with growing discussion a thought started itching us: “What we will show in our mid semester presentations!!!”. Though many had done some work that they could bank upon (in the presentation), still there was dilemma over what would be allowed to show and what not. Then a fact flashed in our mind: “what we used to show in our earlier mid semesters when we never did anything, and had nothing to show. At that time also we gave presentation so whats the problem now.” So somehow the thought for presentations ended.

Then came the problem of presentations dates. It was split into two days: Sunday (our beloved college follows Monday off rule) and Tuesday. Ah!!! now friends would come on different dates. Since we all were just interning an didn’t know much about leaves and all, most of us had decided be at college just on day of presentation. So with split days, the count was sure to reduce. But its in such situations only when something called “JUGAAD TECHNOLOGY” comes to picture. Since one of the presentation was on weekend day (Sunday), so those who had presentation on 15th made plans accordingly to reach college by 13th to the max (without extra leaves). I was amongst those. Left from Hyderabad on Friday night and reached college by Sunday early morning (and by early I meant really early morning : 4 am).

Just like our college days, there were guys still awake (no they didn’t wake up so early, they hadn’t been to bed yet). Then we had problems of where to stay. Thanks to Amit Chandel, Chandrakant Sharma and Pankaj Sahu (may be you dont know these guys, so for simplicity: chandel, santra, bofar), for providing us their rooms and bedding left over.

So at college I met many fellow batch mates and juniors and they did remember me (thanks to my facebook spams). It was good to see those familiar faces again, though had a feeling too that, may be this is the last time I am seeing them. Lets hope I was wrong. I was there for 3 days and was part of many group discussions (better word “bakar discussions”) around and as usual they were late night discussions. Had few silent discussions and some smiles. Just being around with you guys seems to have made my way back to college. Also played cricket there and was involved in holi with kids of prayaas.
On a final note, I am happy to get such a big family and for sure I am gonna miss my college days

February 12, 2011

Life- The Way I See (Collection - I)

  • Life is always full of ups and downs. No one has a perfect life, the only difference lies in their approach to view them.

  • Real meaning of life is in pay back. You are helped by many at all stages of your life.
    So, To live truly ... u have to serve someone .. at least one :)

  • sorry my fren .. but u'll never be free from ur responsibilities till ur alive ... so live each and every moment the best way u can cauz thats what u've got

  • U know that life is a Stage , But U know there is no audience to watch the drama. There are only characters. So act the way u want to act and not what would bring you fame of best actor. Try to be a better character than an Actor and yeah have some co-ordination :)

  • Some moments occur only once.... Its better to live them at that instant only.. rather than remembering and waiting for it again :)

  • There's always a hope.. whatever be the situation...
    we just need to grab it at right time with our hearty efforts ..
    as when brain stops working heart starts ;)

  • Sometimes people make you realize that you are nothing in front of their greatness without even telling a single word but showing you a greater picture of life. Really
    everything that glitters is not gold
    everyone that smile is not happy
    And in the end it doesn't count how much you live, what counts is how much you extract from it :)