December 22, 2009

Tears Of Love

You know wats the best part of love :- TEARS

Shocked !!!
don't be just ask those who love someone truly. You can feel the real warmth of love in your tears. They are the heart ad soul of love and every part (event) of love is associated with some tears.

Remember the first time you got a Rose from your beloved in that springy, calm and soothing weather and try to feel the moment within you,
That dancing of the Universe with your love waves,
That sweet and enchanting song of wind which was there as some romantic song of your heart,
And above all,
The smile on her face. That simple, cute, loving and pure smile as never seen anywhere else. Can you feel it.
if yes, then look in the mirror, your eyes have started getting wet.

Now remember that look(glance) of her that made you forget time , and what time , you forgot this whole world as if trying to float in her oceanic eyes and say how much you love her. Remember those feeling of your heart that revealed your life is nothing infront of her one smile. You don't want anything extra from life now. How sweet, simple and cute that face was that made your heart go pure and calm.
What your heart felt that day? Didn't you want time to stop at that very moment and keep her looking that way. Can you feel that.
if yes, then again see your eyes have become wet now.

Now try to remember that time when you met her for the last time having no ideas, of when to see her next, or even whether you would be able to see her next or not, feeling yourself in a helpless and inevitable situation. You wanted to say her about your feelings but your tongue was unable. You were just looking her and she also looking you with those deep eyes which wanted to say something or express their love but could not due to some dillema.
Your heart was drilled but you were standing with your old and well known smiling face with that girl looking into your eyes trying to feel you and you hiding them all.
if you can feel this, then go my friend and wipe off your tears.
But feel the contentment or satisfaction in your heart. Haven't you got stronger
for her love .......... your love ....... your life ......... her HAPPINESS !!!!