December 21, 2009


An interesting walk for another interesting movie (many of us might not agree upon it though :P). Yeah non other than LONDON DREAMS. We had prepared the plan perfectly for our transport. We thought that we could easily book an auto from theater onwards but it was for our sorrow that there was only 1 auto standing there which was booked too :( . So we had to start out journey on foots only . Only plus point in our planning was not to include "Hemant" in it otherwise he would have started crying on the way only.

So started our walk upto station from the theatre after watching night show of "LONDON DREAMS". It was about 12:30 a.m. and hardly any other people around, except us . Quite an interesting walk since non of us knew the way back to station. And we could see some faces around the streets that did seem familiar to many culprit ( to be honest from our mind set) , but we were continuously encouraged by our unity and the YOUNG GUN amongst us (of course RUPESH and BAJPAI). And it was also amazing that it was the only time SHISHIR was with us and his mobile didn't ring (none of his girlfriends called him for such a long duration of 1hr walk, might be a record). Prasanna was hot topic of discussion as ever and we were able to hide our (slight) fear with fun.

Thanx to MAYAWATI ..... there were police men around the station with whom we asked the way back. Also to the shopkeeper nearby that we got some snacks. later on we had the hot RABDI .. well the dish .... at station ;). Also the vote of thanks goes to "SHRIRAM HOTEL (PURE VEG)" for being open till that time and serving us.