June 19, 2017

Life the way I see (Collection IV)

Forgive people for they are human,
but do not forget what they did for precisely the same reason

We think our life is very different from movies and stories. If you look closely enough, you'd realize that our life comprises of many movies and stories rather than just one.
At some point of point in our life, we did live those stories. Just need to connect the dots.

The problem with life is, there is no perfect villain whom we can blame for everything. Sadly everyone has something good.

Life will be simpler the day you make peace with the statement: "There are things I can't/won't do."

Be wary of what you wish for, you never know, one fine day, it may actually come true

You change with time. Does this mean you inner self has changed or you've agreed to make peace with the situation.

Hope and Emotions are the two most powerful characteristics of  human nature. They can create wonders or even destroy you. (You choose your poison)

When was the last time in you life when everything was perfect!
Learn to appreciate the imperfection than chasing an imaginary world.

December 22, 2015

One Liners

हमसफ़र  के साथ चलते चलते, न जाने कब  यूँ  सफर में "हम" जुदा हो गए ।।
(Humsafar ke saath chalte chalte, na jaane kab yun safar mein hum juda ho gaye)
[While walking with a companion, don't know when we got separated in the way]

ज़रूरत  से ज्यादा और नसीब से कम, कुछ ना ही मिले तो बेहतर  है ।।
(Zarurat se zyada aur naseeb se kam, kuchh na hi mile to behtar hai)
[Its better to not get anything less than required or more than destined]

बीते लम्हों का बस अब नज़ारा है, और उनमें डूबता हुआ ये ज़हन हमारा है ।।
(Beete lamhon ka bas ab nazaara hai, aur unme doobta hua ye zehen humaara hai)
[Its only the imagery of lost memories that lingers around, and this mind that always drowns in them]

जो दूरी दिलों में हो, तो बातें यादें बन जाती हैं और यादें फरियादें ।।
(Jo doori ho dilon mein, to baatein yaadein ban jaati hain aur yaadein fariyaadein)
[When two hearts are far apart, talks transform into memories and memories into wishes]

ना शिकवा है तुझसे, न खुद से कोई गिला । जो मुकम्मल हो न सकता, वो किसको है मिला ।।
(Na shikwa hai tujhse, na hai khud se koi gila, jo muqammal ho na sakta, wo kisko hai mila)
[I have no complains with you, neither I complain with myself. No one gets what isn't supposed to be]

कब तक चलेगा ये सिलसिला, कब तक मिल के बिछड़ना पड़ेगा, और कब तक रहेगी फिर से मिलने की ये आस ।।
(Kab tak chalega ye silsila, kab tak mil ke bichhadna padega, aur kab tak rahegi fir se milne ki ye aas)
[Till when will this process run, till when we will meet and get separated, till when will there be this hope to meet again]

दिल में जमी बर्फ पिघलाना हो, तो ज़हन के शोलों को झेलना ही पड़ता है ।।
(Dil mein jami barf pighlana ho, to zehen ke sholon ko jhelna hi padta hai)
[If you wish to melt the layer of ice on your heart, you need to feel the burn of your mind]

दास्तान-ए-इश्क़ का वो पेचीदा आलम है, कि वो कुछ कहते नहीं और हम कुछ समझते नहीं ।।
(Daastan-e-ishq ka wo pechida aalam hai, ki wo kuchh kehte nahi aur hum kuchh samajhte nahi)
[In the story of love, this is such a complicated time, neither she/he says anything, nor I understand anything]

ps: Sorry for the bad translation in english

June 09, 2014

Life - The Way I see (Collection III)

I don't mind dying early, I just want to live till I am alive

Life is Like The Monkey's Paw, when you get something
YOU HAVE TO PAYBACK (sometimes everything)

"What if I had..."
This is a very tempting, repenting and frustrating line
Don't let it be part of your life :)

There is No Problem in this world which can't be solved.
All you need in 5 minutes of  courage.
ps: Problems occur only to make you stronger for life ahead

You , Yes You, "You" are beautiful..
No matter what others say cause no one knows you better than yourself

You meet people,
They create impressions,
You get moments to cherish,
That's life
(More the moments, more the life you've extracted!!)

Express before you can't
Live while you can

In the end everyone reaches their destination,
what makes the difference is how much "you've" enjoyed the journey