May 01, 2011

Good old days

When we start going high school, we think,
         how good was our childhood, no studies no pressure
When we go to college, we think,
         how good was our school life, so much masti , so much fun, no frustration.
When we leave college, we think,
         how good was our college life , full on gang of friends, world at our feet,
         no work load
When people get older, they think,
         how good was our life of youth, so much energy, so many well wishers,
         so much to do.
Its just the fact that, we think, the time we just passed was better than present but don't realize it, when actually living that(past).
Don't look back at good times and repent for the days gone by,
try to create some, at present, right now.
See you got only one life, not much time to go for replays.
live it, Enjoy it.
Life is always beautiful !!!!!!