January 11, 2010


LOVE, why is it so complicated ? Why can't it always succeed ? Why can't we get love in return of our love ? Why always a barrier of TIME or SITUATION or any Damn Bloody reason confronts in between ? Why can't it be simple that if you love someone , he/she must also love you ? Don't we deserve to be loved in lieu of our love for them ? Then why ..... why this INJUSTICE , why this PAIN, why these EMOTIONS , why this LOVE and why this LIFE ???

Everytime I start with LOVE , this LIFE comes on the way and then I recall my past memories , get drowned by them , be drenched and finally feel like being purified by some invisible force. All the pain and hatred dies off with the feel of LOVE and SATISFACTION left behind. My mind soothes with some sweet and sentimental flowers of my life's garden with smell of my emotions in them and the "SAME LOVE" becomes positive now. It says " YOU ARE ALIVE TO PRESERVE THIS LOVE ONLY" . And then I Enchant my favorite verse (much inspired by SRK's dialogue of Mohabbatein )

" If you love someone , this doesn't mean that she must also love you. I never took a promise from her , that she must also love me as I do, before loving her. Then why now , after knowing her feelings against me :( , I should stop loving her. Rather I had made a promise to myself / my heart that I'll always love her and would do anything to bring a smile on her face. So I must continue the work assigned to me :) .... to keep my promise..... for my promise .... for my happiness .. for her smile ... :) "