November 17, 2010


Everyone so quite like silence of a lamb
afraid of inevitable truth of being departed.
They want time to stop, relive the moments of past
undo some things u did
and do where u couldn't.
No plans ahead, no dreams alone
y r we departing
can't we live together for little more
This time fear of placements can't overpower the fear of departing
please give us time to tell what's there (in heart).
May be we don't go together
May be we don't talk much
but there is some important phase of life which belonged to you.
May be I can't explain whats in here for you
but rest assured, will always be there in order to help you.
May be I cant take off your fear
but then we will cry and wipe off ur tear
This is not what I alone am thinking but most of us are
So lets make the rest of the days as memorable as we are
Let our heart pour the feeling we dwell
Let our words enchant the rythm we have

lets rock .....
to all b2k7 batch ...
Can Never Forget You !!!