February 12, 2011

Life- The Way I See (Collection - I)

  • Life is always full of ups and downs. No one has a perfect life, the only difference lies in their approach to view them.

  • Real meaning of life is in pay back. You are helped by many at all stages of your life.
    So, To live truly ... u have to serve someone .. at least one :)

  • sorry my fren .. but u'll never be free from ur responsibilities till ur alive ... so live each and every moment the best way u can cauz thats what u've got

  • U know that life is a Stage , But U know there is no audience to watch the drama. There are only characters. So act the way u want to act and not what would bring you fame of best actor. Try to be a better character than an Actor and yeah have some co-ordination :)

  • Some moments occur only once.... Its better to live them at that instant only.. rather than remembering and waiting for it again :)

  • There's always a hope.. whatever be the situation...
    we just need to grab it at right time with our hearty efforts ..
    as when brain stops working heart starts ;)

  • Sometimes people make you realize that you are nothing in front of their greatness without even telling a single word but showing you a greater picture of life. Really
    everything that glitters is not gold
    everyone that smile is not happy
    And in the end it doesn't count how much you live, what counts is how much you extract from it :)