July 08, 2010

My First Kiss

(see its censored even the image of kiss :P)
so finally I got my first kiss. And people say u can't forget ur first kiss ever.

It was one the dark nights (:P not the knight) of summer. Wind was blowing in a calm way with moon shining bright in the sky. I was asleep and she came, kissed my lips, without even bothering to wake me up( rather u can say i take such a deep sleep). But i could feel the kiss when i woke up. It had the after kiss effect.

Wonder what after kiss effect would be
well as I woke up, I felt some itching on my lips and felt something there. So I took a mirror and saw my face and u might wonder , first time i was scared of it :(. I mean however one is, he/she doesn't fear of his/her own face. But I was :'(. My left side lips were swollen like hell. It looked as if I was some extra-terrestrial wandering over here with some different kind of face cuts (though u can say I do seem one without them too :P). I dunno bt my lips were unable to contact each other. Even though i tried my best to close my lips.. bt seemed much space for passage of air through them. So I came to the conclusion that it was the insect that kissed me there and i was feeling much like a lady who gets pregnant after sex , without her wishes for so :( .

So I discussed with my frens on what to do. They advised me to go to hospital and have a checkup. So I was there at NAZRETH(hospital) for the first time in my college life, for "my" check-up. Well somehow I managed to see the doctor who said to have an injection. Well I really fear of them bt tried my level best to not to show it. So when nurse came she told me to lay down on which I felt horrible and quickly started raising my sleeves saying that i can take here. she said "its ohk , bt still u need to lay down". I felt little relief and laid down pulling my sleeves. She gave me the injection and somehow I managed not to cry out on it. Then she pulled it out. I felt relaxed that finally its over .. but suddenly
She again gave me the injection without even saying ready :'( . You dunno how it feels when u are not ready for an injection and get one. i felt like being cheated. IT HURTS :'( (:P). Well somehow that part also ended.

Well then I thought to have some lunch over there and had heard the name of NETRAM sweets many a times. Well even in our College and in serials too (Pratigya to be specific :P ). They praise netram a lot. To all those I just wanna say one thing "FUCK YOU". I mean wats so special there. support staff was worse than a normal dhaba. But somehow had my lunch there and returned to campus.

But the tragedy didn't end here. When I came to my room , to my surprise I found I had lost my cell somewhere(may be bus). I have already lost a cell 3 months earlier so u know how it feels losing ur contacts again and again :(. I called it but there was no response from the other side. But then i thought to take a chance and called my friend (siddharth, who was sleeping in CC at that time :O) to please check in bus if its there. Well he got it somehow and it was a bit of relief for me.

So thats how my day of first kiss ended and yeah really wat people say is true