June 09, 2014

Life - The Way I see (Collection III)

I don't mind dying early, I just want to live till I am alive

Life is Like The Monkey's Paw, when you get something
YOU HAVE TO PAYBACK (sometimes everything)

"What if I had..."
This is a very tempting, repenting and frustrating line
Don't let it be part of your life :)

There is No Problem in this world which can't be solved.
All you need in 5 minutes of  courage.
ps: Problems occur only to make you stronger for life ahead

You , Yes You, "You" are beautiful..
No matter what others say cause no one knows you better than yourself

You meet people,
They create impressions,
You get moments to cherish,
That's life
(More the moments, more the life you've extracted!!)

Express before you can't
Live while you can

In the end everyone reaches their destination,
what makes the difference is how much "you've" enjoyed the journey